Optical Services

The optical at Grace Vision Care offers the highest level of customer service and latest optical lens technologies to meet your visual and fashion needs.  Our veteran opticians and advanced optical technologies empower our patients with vibrant vision. Our opticians are ready to offer the perfect solution to your eyeglass needs for every age and stage of your life.  Browse our selection of designer eyewear and benefit from the expertise of our seasoned optical staff.

What Eyeglass Frame Would Look Best On You?

Grace Vision Care recommends the following tools to guide you.


Round faces always shine with their wonderful cheekbone structure. They are proportionate with width and height. This appearance makes you warm and engaging.

Select a frame that is angular, wider, and narrow. This conceptual fitting guide will avoid making your face appear too round and you will love the results.


Square faces are characterized by a broad forehead, strong jaw features, wide chin, and cheekbones. The length and width are generally proportionate.
Select a frame to add depth to the face and soften those square angles. A perfect selection would be an Oval frame.


Oval faces have a jawline that curves inward. This facial feature is quite versatile. Avoid choosing a frame that exceeds the brow width or conversely, one that is too small. An excellent selection would be a rectangular frame to balance your attributes.


Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead with high cheekbones. The face narrows or tapers toward your chin.
Select a frame that naturally compliments the wider forehead to balance the look. Avoid dark frames and styles that narrow toward the bottom of the frame.

Designer Eyeglass Frames

The opticians at Grace Vision Care created an exceptional selection of eyeglass frames and can tailor them to meet your individual design and fitting needs. Designer frames from Ray-Ban to the sporty sophistication of Costa Del Mar & Nike and the elegance of LaFont. Stop by our office in Mooresville, NC and view or collection.

Eyewear for Children

Needing eyeglasses can be a difficult transition for some children. It can have strong social implications and is an added responsibility. We take the fitting of your child very seriously. Your child’s safety, comfort and appearance are of utmost importance to us.